A Few Good Rums

Here are my three favorite rums:

1. Pusser's Rum :tu:tu:tu
2. Ron Pampero Aniversario :tu:tu:tu
3. Gosling's Black Seal :tu

The Gosling's Black Seal rum was my favorite for years. I really enjoy the heavy, intense flavors of dark rums - light rums really don't do it for me, they're fine in mixed drinks but never up on the rocks the way I usually drink rums or bourbons. I can get a 750mL bottle of this for $16 - $20 locally so it's reasonably priced.

Just two months ago I found a bottle of Ron Pampero Aniversario in a liquor store while on a business trip and the leather pouch it's packaged in caught my eye and drew me in for a closer look. Anyone willing to pay the $36 + sticker price will be rewarded with a very nice rum. I won't embarass myself with an amateurish stab at a taste review but I'll point you to this website instead ( http://www.refinedvices.com/Ron-Pampero-Aniversario-Venezuela ) and you can read for yourself. One taste and it was instantly my 2nd favorite rum.

Which brings me to my absolute favorite rum: Pusser's Rum. The company that makes it claims it was the 'Official' rum of the British Navy until they did away with the sailors' daily rum ration in the seventies. For $25 a bottle locally it's more affordable than Ron Pampero Aniversario. The flavor is different from any other rum I've ever tasted; not only is it stored in oak barrels - it's actually distilled in a wooden still ! My father, a long-time Scotch fan, and his good friend who's passion is Bourbons both tasted this rum and were amazed by it's complexity and flavor - normally they wouldn't think of comparing a lowly rum with one of their favorite liquors but this one definitely intrigued them. It has a woodiness usually reserved for it's 'upscale' cousins and will intrigue (and most likely please) the palate of a Scotch or Bourbon drinking friend. Definitely worth a try if you're interested in rums that are out of the ordinary! A link to their website: ( http://www.pussers.com/ ).

Well, that was my two cents. Hope I've been of service to any rum fans on CS! :D


Thanks for the review! I was thinking of trying the Pusser's, I think you just pushed me over the edge :r


Sons of Apathy
I haven't tried 1 or 2, but I like Myer's way more than Black Seal.
For sipping, I like Zacapa Rum Centenerio - 23 Year old Guatemalan.


Sons of Apathy
Never have liked Myer's for some reason. I've never tried the Zacapa - what's it like?
It's the oldest rum available; aged 23 years in the mountains of Guatamala.
Hard (for me) to describe what something tastes like.
That's why I can't do a review.
All I can say is: I like it! :)

(but then again, I like Myer's.) :D


Appleton Estates also has their 30 year old on the market right about now. Zacapa also (supposedly) has a 30th anniversary bottle - but I hear the rum is 24-25 years old or something less than 30 years in age.:confused:


Its ok, just blame me.
Although Im not a rum drinker, the guys I hang with swear by Ron Zacapa, Ron Matusalem, and Zaya (the Guatamala, not the new Trinidad one).


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I like Goslings and Crusen black strip for Dark and Stormys, Bacardi 8 on the rocks, back in my hard core day it was 151 :tu :al. But today is my brithday so I think might treat myself to an upgrade


Its ok, just blame me.
...and if you can get it:

Havana Club seven years old
Ron Santiago 45 Aniversario
Havana Club Gran Reserva (also known as Havana Club 15)
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I just picked up a bottle of Zacapa 15 yesterday. Can't find the 23yr anywhere.

That is a great leather pouch.
I'm also searching for this:


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I'm just getting into rums myself after many years of drinking only Crown Royal. Thanks for all the suggestions. I really like the Black Seal so I need to try some of those others!


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...Ron Centenario XX also available. $31.99
This is like the GRAIL of Rums in my opinion. Have only been able to find it online for nearly $70 with shipping and all. ATLHARP brought a bottle of this to one of the Lexington, NC Herfs... and it was love at first sip!

Fortunately, I can get Zaya locally (nice substitute) - but this stuff is incredible. :dr



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If you like Black Seal, another good one to try is Screech Rum from Newfoundland. (Yes, Newfoundland.)

It's a bit rougher than Black Seal, but not in a bad way. And it goes very well with cigars.

Mark C

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I'll throw my two cents behind Black Seal. Can't stand Myers. To each their own, thank goodness for variety!

Pampero is good, if you like that, try Ron del Barillito 3 Star, or Angostura 1919. I think they're fairly similar, yet fairly different all at the same time.