A little comedy from Famous


Young Ape
While browsing, I found this little item:


It's a Davidoff 90-ct humidor. FOR THREE GRAND. I'm not making that up. $2921.99. Is it full of Davidoff cigars? No. Not even free shipping. Not too surprisingly, it's not sold out! Three grand is a LOT of cigars. Hell, I could buy everything in the TXMatt's Cheap Cigar thread and smoke for nearly TEN YEARS for that (or three boxes of Opii, assuming you could actually get your hands on that many at once?). That's THREE Tower of Power cabinets, with change left over. It's not even remarkable in any way. If you're just wanting to show people how much money you have, they could at least put a Davidoff logo on it somewhere. Something. According to the description, it's not even solid mahogany. It's veneer. Unbelievable.


You have to love the quote from Famous-

"Pricey, but well worth the investment."

"Pricey"- Yes. Actually, unbelievably expensive for the size of it.
Inner Dimensions: Width: 13.750 inches, Length: 7.750 inches,
Height: 4.250 inches

"Worth the investment"- Not with that price. Lets see, spend $100 on a brand new large cooler, beads, and empty cigar boxes, then spend $2,900 on cigars. Ah yes, now THAT is worth the investment.

Just need to gather up $3,000.


Fuente Whore
Gotta love stuff like that.... but as the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted... so let the idiots buy them and we can spend our cash on cigars which is the point of having something like that anyway lol...

I mean for $3k you can even get a damn nice Aristocrat lol... :tu

King Leonidas

Mustard & Biscuits
I liked the one review it got.:tu :r
Great investment

Excellent craftsmanship and easy on the eye. A little pricey but spread over thirty years, it's a mear twenty five cents a day.
This review was written about Davidoff Pyramid Humidor by John S. of Brunswick, MD on April 2, 2008
Too bad you can't finance it over thirty years.:D


I think it's all that pricey brass hardware that pushed it over the top. No sir, nothing's too good for that humidor.


Alpha Silverback
My girlfriend and I spent a weekend in NYC with my folks. We stopped at the Davidoff store on Madison Ave and my Mom was looking at the humidors. It was around my birthday and she wanted to buy me one. After I started chuckling I told her to guess the price of one the shelf and she guessed $100...

I think that particular model was going for around $4,000. :hn