A New Way To Lose A Smoke


So here's the scene--I light up his R & J Dominican Churchill from a newbie trade for my morning smoke. I take chow chow for his morning two mile walk.

Next up--blackberries.

We had a ton of rain this year so the wild blackberry bushes in the woods are growing like crazy. Some of them are seven and eight feet tall. I put on my sweatsuit and into the woods I go.

I take the R & J I have been smoking along with a tupperware container to start picking blackberries. The undergrowth is everywhere, the prickers are grabbing me from all sides, and I can't see where I am walking with all the undergrowth. There are rocks, fallen trees, and some very healthy weeds and vines.

The blackberries are everywhere. The container is half full as I start moving to the next blackberry bush and suddenly trip over something and fall flat on my face. I successfully saved the tupperware container full of blueberries but the smoke disappears out of my mouth. I can't find it anywhere. The weeds and branches broke my fall so I landed very softly--all is well. But the smoke and my dignity--both are gone. A R & J wrapper will mark the spot for posterity.



If your lucky, in a few years instead of picking blackberries, your new tobacco plant should have grown!:tu:r


Alpha Silverback
I can't help myself, I keep picturing the way you went down and I am LMAO. It is almost like I was there. Sorry to hear about the smoke.


Fill it up AGAIN!!!
Who cares about your dignity go back and find that smoke!!!!!:r

Sometimes life is a b!tch, then you lose your cigar while taking a digger through a blackberry field.:D

You deserve to go out and light up another to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing the story:tu


For some reason I was rooting for a different ending. I just knew that an animal had jumped out of the underbrush and stolen the cigar right from your mouth.