A nice pre birthday smoke gone wrong!


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Ugh. :mad:

Life has been pretty hectic lately and I decided today after I got off from working at the shop that I wanted to relax and wind down and have a nice pre birthday smoke (my birthday is not technically until 8/29) so I decided to pour myself a few fingers of Ron Anejo Pompero Aniversario rum. I actually cracked the bottle for this occasion.

I went to the humidor and selected my only Ramon Allones Eminencia (Swiss RE). I fired it up and noticed right off the bat that the stick had a tight draw. I had hoped it would open up, I continued to smoke it until I had smoked 1/3 of it, still a tight draw. It seemed like it was a tasty sweet and creamy type cigar. I went and got my draw tool and poked it. Then I took another draw, still tight. I noticed a fat stem and decided to try and poke above it, no luck still tight. Finally I gave up, I went and got the pliers and pulled the stem out. It resembled a stem from a Camacho, not any RA that I'd smoked prior.

Sorry for ranting, this ****ing sucked. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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My deepest sympathy. I would be somes B#%@! for a day for one of those. Once again deepy sympathy for such a great looking stick. :hn:hn:hn


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Man I don't like sweaty cigars in the first place, but a stem adds insult to injury :D

All kidding aside, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hopefully your birthday smoke will live up to your expectations better than your pre-birthday smoke.