A Solemn Patriot Day to Everyone


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Indeed, Dave. I've spent some time today doing just that. First responders, victims, families, friends, co-workers, employees. All of them deserve a solemn moment today.


International SOB
I was driving by a near by city hall and realized that they were having a remembrance event. I reminded me of how lucky we have it to even be able to meet n public and have a ceremony like that. I was humbled and said a prayer for those who lost their lives.


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Due to parking issues at the Pentagon, I took a day of leave. I don't need the added stress. Watching the coverage on TV, I reflect back to what I was doing when I found out.

I was at work, in my old Visual Information shop at Barksdale AFB, LA. It was on the TV, and for some reason, it was so unbelievable, that I thought this was a twisted joke. I remember the base immediately going on lockdown, and, for the first time in my lifetime (that I am aware of), base leadership walked around with a pistol on their hip in case they had to defend the base. I think many people and organizations scrambled to deal with this as being an unprecedented attack on our soil.


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As a first responder, let me say I appreciate the prayers and thoughts toward us. As a second to that I attended a funeral today for the Captain of my volunteer station with 26 years of service, so it has been a specially heartfelt day.


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Started my day with a community breakfast that recognized those brave souls.

God bless and keep all of those who place themselves in harm's way on our behalf - 9/11/01 - and EVERYday.



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My prayers have been and will be with the families that lost so many that day

God Bless the responders and the victims and may we never forget :u


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Spent the majority of both roll calls today remembering our fallen Brothers and Sisters.....God Bless.