Ahhhh...nice weather!


Lowland Gorilla
We finally had a day where I could be outside quite comfortably yesterday. I took advantage of it by lighting up an HdM Dark Sumatra. I have been enjoying these recently but yesterday I wished I had chosen a Pepin blue label instead. The Dark Sumatra was lacking in spice for me at that moment. Nonetheless I enjoyed it and worked on a Sudoku puzzle.

I finished that one, threw some chicken on the grill and lit up another HdM, this time a little Rothschild. The first few puffs tasted pretty yucky (I have noticed this fact on those rare occasions where I have smoked two cigars back to back) but soon my taste buds adjusted and I enjoyed it even more than the first one.

I have been waiting for this weather! :D


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Glad you were able to get outside...I'm still waiting. It's raining today, so in the garage I continue to sit...hoping, waiting, one day...maybe...


Alpha Silverback
Same for NYC Wow I was wondering why I felt so warm in my coat and my car Yesterday, turned on the radio, they said it was 69 dregrees.
Wow what a chang.


Alpha Silverback
I hear you. The weather has been perfect for cigars for about a month now in california, and I am loving ever minute of it.


Elder Jungle Leader
Been just beautiful the last couple of days... and evenings for that matter. I really enjoy my little smoking area on the screened porch this time of year... until the POLLEN takes over! :D


I'm still waiting for it to warm up, up here as well.

Problem is I've also got pretty bad grass/pollen/springtime allergies.


CS Cog
High in the 80's today. This is Houston, however. Great running, biking and smoking weather.. I've been commuting to work by bicycle while I can because soon it'll be 110 !