Any organizational tips for the humidor? (labeling, cateloguing)


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Has anyone tried cigar register?

I think their DB is linked to cigar tower.

And yes, its free.
I can't remember the site but there is an excel spreadsheet that is set up and is free to use. If you google "cigar database" I am sure you can locate it. I have used it before and it is very simple. You can also add fields to it if you want to add more information.

Snake Hips

I have OCD, but I don't give a damn about organization with this hobby for some reason. I put like marcas together and stack them by length and keep the most impressive smokes on top for all to see (Davidoff tubos, Cubans, Diamond Crown Maximus, Opus X and all other tubos, Cuban or not, on top), and put the bands in the "Daddy Like" bowl or the "Lame Sauce" bowl to keep track, but beyond that...


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Sounds like there's a lot of OCD here. Maybe all the different cigars to try, analyze, etc. attracts people with those characteristics. I have a job that demands a lot of attention to detail and most other areas of my life are fairly "eat up" with my OCD so I decided that as I view this hobby as relaxation I should try and give myself a break.

I keep a word processing document as a simple inventory list. It helps me keep track of what I'm running low on. Every once and a while I'll keep a hard copy with cigars I haven't tried highlighted.

As for the humidors, I just put the cigars wherever they'll fit in with a minimal amount of handling when I go rummaging around.