Anyone get good wallyworld cigars?


My Wal Mart is pretty much the same - machine made stuff, and not a lot of variety of that. Several years ago they had some bundles. My wife bought me one, knowing that I like cigars (I was smoking mainly Backwoods and Miami Suites then, and my cigar budget was a lot lower). At that time I didn't even know what a humidor was, and you can imagine what those (I'm sure very high quality) smokes were like after being stored on top of the dresser at 5-10% humidity for a month or two. I remember one of the last ones literally disintegrating in my hand when I took it out of the wrapper.
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Ah, nope. But I'm not going to front, I started out with white owls, jewel hav a tampas and black and milds. Have to start somewhere I guess.


I know for a fact that some Sam's Clubs actually have a walk in humidor. I've never seen real cigars in a Wal Mart though.


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I can't get into Walmart you have to be at least ***** before the automatic doors will activate.

Jerry in Minnesota.
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I hate Walmart too. I hate Target more though.

All this hatred... kinda taking your shopping a little too personally, eh? :D

Not at Walmart, but I've seen some pretty interesting collections at Sam's: mostly sampler boxes of Oliva, Montecristo, HdM, etc. Their "humidor" was this rolling wooden cart with sliding glass doors, though, so I had to pass.



The Walmart in Destin, FL, used to have (and might still, but I haven't looked the last few times I happened to be in there) a small cabinet display humidor at the front of their store that held a rather modest selection of R&Js, the obligatory overpriced Cohibas, and some Fuentes.