Are You a Member of Other Online Cigar "Communities"?

Bubba -NJ

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There are other boards but none as friendly as . This is my home . :ss Other boards sometimes come with alot of :BS


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i belong to cigar family because of my experience in meeting Bobby Newman, Excutive VP of JCNewman, which really jump started my interest in cigars, before it was only something that I did occasionally. Now it is a rare day that I don't smoke or check out the forum here or there.

Good bunch there, Just like this bunch of Gorrillas here.


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I go to cigarpass. I don't find it anywhere near as good as this place. I will say that they have a category for Humidors that I like to check out every now and then.



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The first forum I joined, in late December 1998, was CigarFamily, where I am still an active member. I found CS rather later and only wish I had found it sooner. I am registered at about four other forums, but I haven't visited any of them in ages.


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When I was first looking for cigar information a couple of months ago, I googled "cigar forums". CS was not first on the list, so I linked to four or five other forums, read them all, went back and forth looking at the culture, activity, design, etc.

CS was the most active by far ( I like that) had a nice layout, and the tone seemed welcoming. I joined this one and that's sufficient. Don't need any others. :)


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NO!! I found this site and it is by far the best info and interactive community on the web. Cudos to all the members and especially to the founders and moderators here. :tu


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I am a member of cigargeeks, there is much less posting but everyone there is very nice. I hit both CS and CG multiple times everyday...although I just signed up for CS the other day I have been here or awhile lurking.

Jay Hemingway

Hey there friendo...
i am a member of 7 online cigar communities.

International Cigar Club
Club Stogie
Friends Of Habanos
Vintage Cigar Club
Cigar Aficionado
Habano Cigar Forum
Cigar Live

ICC is my home forum.
CS is one of the last places i became active on but it has become one of my favorite places to be!
i check most of them out once a day, there are some places that amuse me and make me laugh....but i need that every so often.. LOL
there are alot of really good people here at CS, i can see why some others here don't need anything but CS. a good place to be.