Arturo Fuente Corona Imperial


Young Ape
Number 9 - Arturo Fuente Corona Imperial
Purchased from local B&M, roughly $7

Appearance and Presentation of Cigar: Excellent
Wrapper color and Packaging: Natural color, Excellent packaging
Lighting and Burning Properties: Excellent toast, Medium burn
Even initial light, even burn, burn fast or slow: Even initial light, very slightly even burn, medium burn
Draw: Slightly tight
Taste: Good/Excellent

I meant to post this yesterday, Sunday, when I had this cigar but alas, I got tied up and forgot. Better now than never eh?

I recently over stretched my right arm at the driving range so I have not been there for over a week to practice my swing. I felt better and my wife wanted us to go somewhere so I suggested the driving range (always remember to stretch)! This was where I had my first Hemingway and was also my first review. Time to see what a “regular” Fuente is all about.


First Third
The initial draw was nice and crisp, slightly creamy and with a hint of leather and with a tiny bit of edge, not quite harsh but something was there. As I worked my way down, a creamy, sultry taste enveloped my palette with notes of leather and cedar.


Second Third
The creaminess lighted while the rich flavor of cedar and hints of mint came and went with my draws. The second third was defiantly smoother than the first simply because it had no “edge” to it as in the first third.


Last Third and Finish
After a few draws, a lot of the previous flavors went away and a real warm and earthy flavor came upon me. Working my way down though, the flavor started to disappear and the cigar began to become harsh.

Final Thoughts
This certainly was a good cigar, but I must say though that there definitely is a huge gap between a regular Fuente and Fuente Hemingway. I remember my Hemingway Signature had a lot more flavor and complexity which, while this one did not lack, it certainly did not have as much of. While it is rather unfair to compare a more signature line to one that is not, that simply is the truth when comparing the two. By no means does this make it a bad cigar and I would rate this just as high as many of the other cigars I have review, and a lot lot higher than some mediocre ones.