Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller


5 word cigar name, must be good right?

Outside conditions: 60 degrees with slight southerly breeze (brrrrrr!)

Pairing: 2007 Stone Brewing Double Bastard Strong Ale (10% ABV)

Cutter/Torch: Vector double guillotine/Harbor Freight Micro

Occassion: In honor of what would have been Jimi Hendrix's 65th bday (or simply because I wanted to)

Rating: 4 out of 5 milkcrates

Alright, let's do this backwards, as after drinking the beer and smoking the cigar I'm feeling a little loopy :) So this review should read the same!

Got ash? I wasn't being delicate, I even tapped it a few times and it didn't fall. Absolutely excellent firm construction with little give when squeezed. This is a heavy cigar weight wise. Even in it's small size, it feels about the same weight as a robusto/toro sized smoke.

This is where it decided to break into the full bodied world, still with zero spice, kinda odd but I loved it.

The cigar was reading my mind and decided to overtake the gargoyle beer, proving it's woody/leathery flavor was no match for the 10% ale.

hehe, you can still see the nipple hehehe. This beer is WAY too strong for this cigar. A hefeweizen or brown ale would have been a better choice, as the beer still dominates the flavor. Have to really space out the drinks to get descriptive flavors of this cigar.

Draw shows resistance, but not much, gobs of smoke even at this point, and solid medium flavor of pure tobacco with overtones of wood (cedar?)

Hey let's go outside! The wife's not home, the kid is in bed, and it's Tuesday. That's not a bad thing right? :chk
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WOW! The ash on that cigar is amazing :dr. That is a very well made cigar. Thx for the review and especially the pictures! :ss


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You had a whole Double Bastard Ale and a Best Seller in one sitting and you still took pictures? Dang...:dr

Have you tried the Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale yet? I had one on Saturday with a Hemingway Maduro, a first for both.

I enjoyed the review and the pictures, thanks for sharing. Love the ash. :tu


You had a whole Double Bastard Ale and a Best Seller in one sitting and you still took pictures? Dang...:dr
I'm a professional :) Plus I have a thing for Double Bastard...

I've had the oaked AB, not a fan at all. But fresh Arrogant Bastard from the taps at the Stone Brewery is heaven. Hopefully you've been there, it's amazing!



Thanks for the review, I have been wanting to try a hemingway for a while now, next time I am at the B&M I will be picking on up.

BTW- I love bridgeport IPA!!! It made me happy to see it in that picture.



You can see if it's available near you. Double Bastard is only released once a year (like Anejos!) and is just as hard to find! The normal Arrogant Bastard is pretty easy to get.

Does anyone know how the Best Seller differs from the Stort Story? Now that I think about it they were pretty similar


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I smoked a short story on turkey day and loved it. I'm excited to smoke one of these. I may light one up today.


Great review for a great cigar,,I love Fuente anything esp. Hemingway. Very nice ash on that last picture but it still looks like you have a 3/4 of an inch left to smoke on that bad boy. Unless you can smoke it down to the knuckles its just an average smoke.