B&M beside my work - Funny story


I went for a quick stroll in the mall right beside my work today at lunch and noticed a little cigar shop in there. So I went in to have a look and see what they have. Not a huge selection but some nice looking sticks and actually some pretty decent prices.

The lady asked me if I needed any help and I said I was just having a look. She said well if you have any questions feel free to ask as I know our stock pretty well.

So I asked is she had anything (ISOM's) with some age on them. She proceeded to grab a list from behind the counter and started looking through it. I got a little excited thinking maybe they have something good. She then pointed out to me the La Aurora 100 Años.....which as she said "Are 100 years old. That is pretty good hey?" I just looked at her and nodded as I didn't know what to say. :r :r

I then tried to explain to her what I meant but she insisted that those were the oldest cigars they had and the rest were pretty new. I took another few seconds to look, thanked her for her help and left. Not that I was really looking to buy anything (Unless I came across something I couldn't pass up) but I needed to leave at that point

If nothing else makes for a good story :ss


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They would probably do better business if they had someone there who actually knew something about cigars!!!


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CIgar B&M's are all about service. If you know great but if you don't know don't fake it you'll get caught. It is a funny story.


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Should have asked for an Excalibur 1066. Seriously makes you wonder what their standards are for hiring.


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great story, you always get something funny when you talk cigars with people who think they know what they are talking about.


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You ought to walk in there with a box of swisher sweets and say you found them in the humidor and ask her what the price is. See what she says.

" oh let me look in my book...oh those are $2.49 ea. There 20 yrs old with great flavor." :r