Back surgery for MIL


Evolving Lead Gorilla
My mother-in-law is having back surgery as I write this. She has a narrowing of the the spinal cord in her lower back and they are going in to see if they can take some of the pressure off the nerves. She has been in contant pain & discomfort for over two years. There is no guarantee that she will be pain free, but hopefully it should lessen after this procedure.

We would appreciate your thoughts & prayers.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Thanks everyone. The surgery went well. No only time will tell. Lots of rehab and PT for the next couple of weeks.


Going Commando
Best wishes for a speedy recovery after what appears to be a successful operation. God bless brother.


"I dunno"
Any surgery is rough. I hope she has a good recovery and less pain in the days to come. Prayers sent her way.