Backyard Visitors!


I was just sitting on the back porch smoking a Nat Sherman Metropolitan I got from Bam Bam in a trade. (BTW, they're a great cigar. I just grabbed the rest that he was selling. You lose. ;) )

Anyhow, while I was sitting there a flight of bluebirds few into the yard, and have been there now for about an hour. Must be about 2 dozen. I stayed pretty quiet, and they seemed to have no fear of me, and came within about 15 feet. They would fly down to the grass and pick up seeds (or at least that's what I presume they were getting) and then fly back up to the lower branches of the brush. We have a very small backyard, but it abuts a large sloughy, woody, area. The slough is "J" shaped and joins the lake in front of our neighborhood. The slough just teams with wildlife. This puts me up to 43 types of birds I've identified while just sitting on my back patio.

Anyhow, it was pretty cool to have the bluebirds come visit.



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Nice! I have frontyard visitors right now. FIRE ANTS!! Working on getting rid of my visitors. Glad yours are welcome visitors.
Nice pic btw.


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Very nice. Bluebirds are pretty birds, and among the more fearless.(Hummers are the most fearless I've encountered.) Nice to live in an area that has so many birds. Have you seen any black wing redbirds? (Scarlet Tanagers) Or Indigo Buntings? That Bunting is also a lovely bird.


I've had a lot of things in the back yard, ducks, turkeys, geese, fox, coyotes, but never a blue bird. That's way cool.:tu

Gone Dave

Nice!:tu I really haven't taken photos, but I get alot of Purple Martins, Red Robins, Hawks I see every so often,
My mom has a ton of humming birds and I mean a ton!
We sit there and they zip right in and out.. Sweet!
One slammed my sister in the face at full speed, it was :D:D:D:r
and it left a welp!


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Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing! We get Cardinals, Robins, Sparrows and mostly blackbirds here.


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That is an awesome bird. I don't think I've ever actually seen one.
The bird I love to see is the yellow finch. Beautiful

Josh Pip

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What a coincidence! I just took this photo 15 minutes ago. He landed on the American flag attached to my mailbox. I have to crop it down cause I did not have my zoom lens on my camera.