Big Smoke Dates


Young Ape

I could buy a ticket, but would have to live on the street and dig through the dumpster behind the hotel for food. :D


Senior Doughnut
Going to get a crew together from the local cigar shop here and rent a van armed with a few coolers for the smokes. See you all in Chicago!


I want to go to the Vegas session(s).
Tried for the last two years, it was on my birthday.
Haven't made it yet, but hope springs eternal.


Gorila Cabrón
Not trolling: what is it that makes it worth it? Is it the free cigars? Free food/drink?
The whole thing; the seminars, the booth/giveaway, the lunch, the camaraderie...everything.

Put it this way: if this was something I'd have to scrimp and save for and deprive myself of anything else in order to attend...then no, it wouldn't be worth it. It's a luxury, plain and simple.

But if you have a few bucks to throw at a mini-vacation in a fun town like Vegas, why not?