Birthday smoke


My wife bought this beauty for me for my 29th bday today, and it was fantastic! Since there's already reviews on the review board, I'll just share the pics :)

Paired with a great Big Bear Black Stout (8.1%ABV)

Milkcrate does the job until I can find a more suitable outdoor table

BTW, it's 70 degrees outside at 9pm

Yeah I loved it, will definately have again. Can't wait to try the 1964.

Mr. Ed

A horse is a horse...
congrats on the birthday!!! :bl just finished smoking some birthday ISOMs I picked up from my last trip to Russia with a couple of close friends.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Happy birthday. Cigar is beautiful, that's one of the toothiest wrappers I've ever seen. Seems there's no such thing as a mediocre Padron.


Hope you had a great birthday.... what a great smoke to celebrate with.

My birthday was last weekend, my line up was a Cuban Fonseca for breakfast, (2) Tat Reggios in the afternoon, and an Opus X after dinner, ..... birthdays are a great reason to smoke the "good stuff"


Young Ape
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I especially enjoyed the birthday ash...stellar job. Thanks for the pics, my mouth is watering. I just picked up a '26 myself. Was thinking of making it a Thanksgiving Day smoke. Your experience has confirmed my decision...if I can get it to last that long.

Must...avoid...rushing smoke this amazing cigar...


ps - your wife rocks! If my wife knew what I spent to get that cigar, I would be single again ;o)

pps - honey, if you're reading this, you know you're my princess and I love you...whew, that was close.