Boston - Gloucester St Cigar


I actually was in there earlier today. Jose was behind the counter and seemed kind of worn down and tired of the winter. I'm sure his business drops off significantly when it gets cold out.

Looking around the shop the shelves were pretty bare. Many of the bins they keep cigars in were mis-labeled and many more were empty. Looking up to the shelves above there seemed to be plenty of boxes of stock that could be in those bins but were not.

I did chat briefly with Jose and he indicated that they would be stocking up for the spring in about two weeks. So, expect those shelves to be well stocked in a few weeks.


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If you have cash in hand, I am sure he'll cut a deal on stuff that is in his stock. Unlike Habanos dealers, he does not want to age stock, so if it's been there for a while- he wants to move it.

The cigars that smokes and I smoke are not sellers at all (lanceros, lonsdales, and coronas), so the he has little to choose from in those sizes. I do think he should order some of the custom stuff he can get in those sizes and sell them on line. There's plenty of people on this forum & the like that would pick them up.