Buffalo Wings


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My marinade includes 1 big bottle of Crystal Hot sauce, a couple lemons and 1 "Mexican style" beer. Then, to the grill they go!:tu


Buffalo Wild Wings is currently my favorite stop. The Carribean Jerk and Mango Habanero sauces they have are awesome.

They also sell bottles of their sauce, 3 for $12 and I've found they work great with some wild game if you're a hunter.

Monday night before the Cowboy's game I grilled up some Dove wrapped in Jalapeno and Bacon using the Mango Habanero sauce and it was amazing! The Ribeyes after that and the Pepin Black to cap the night after the Cowboy's W made it a great night.


Young Ape
I keep mine old school with a bit of a twist.

Deep fry at 360-375 for 14 minutes, melt 70/30 franks and butter with 5-6 drops of Dave's Insanity Sauce, shake well and EAT!


Young Ape
I don't know how the hooters are down in the states, but the one i went to here in Canada, they had unlimited wings, and the service was sooooooo slow.

anyways, best wings here are at a place called Norma Jean's. wow, so good.

I think wings would be right up there with beef ribs and nachos.