Cabinet Conversion (Warning! Lot's of Pictures)


Hi Guys!
I have been bitten by the Cabinet Conversion Bug. Ever since I saw the piece KASR & Duck have, I knew I had to find something to replace my cooler with...

A little background:

My grandparents immigrated to Canada back in the 1920's. They didn't have much, but made a honest try of it. When the house they built burned to the ground they started from scratch again. Buying previously owned furniture goes without saying. When they bought this it was at least 30 years old and we know it was built in the 1890's.
My grandmother (she is still with us and will be 101 this March) was recently moved out of her own apartment and into an assisted living facility. Not having any use for her China cabinet she gave it to my dad. He didn't really have a use for it, but he wanted it to stay in the family...
I told him about what KASR had done with a piece and we decided that this would be a great way to keep the piece not only in the family, but to have it keep a practical use. We ran it by my Grandmother and she was all for it.
Here are some pictures of it before we started:

My father has many fond memories of this piece of furniture from when he was just a little boy, so we decided against stripping & sanding and went with a good cleaning.

The next step was lining it with Spanish Cedar. The inside measurements are 36" x 37" x 13". This translated into over $130 worth of wood... I don't know if I got a good price or not, but either way, I'm OK with it.

Once we had it fully lined I put in the Hydra and a large dish of hot water to help bring up the RH. This step took over a week and we changed the water in the dish daily with boiling hot water to really help accelerate this step. (By the way, the boxes that were in there were empty and I was re-humidifying them as well to use as trays)

The Cabinet is now at my house. I was going to put it in the basement, but my said it's too nice to put down where no one will see it. So it's on the main floor in the living room! :D

Here it is with its new friends:

I have to say this has been a lot of fun to work on with my father and I definitely like the idea of being the new keeper of a possible future heirloom. I don't know how much longer my Grandmother will be with us (recent health complications have kept her at the hospital), but it's nice to know that she got to see what became of that china cabinet she and her husband had bought all those decades ago...

Thanks for reading!

Shaun Raney

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That is absolutely stunning.

It's great to see an heirloom take on another, as you said, more practical use.

If my parents ever get rid of this Hutch that they have in the living room, I will be making quite the humidor out of it.

How well does this seal in RH?


Not bad at all. Something to be proud of. Love the flavors inside that I can see also. Nice set up!!!!


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I was also wondering if you did anything special to seal it up.
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Great work. I know it is and will be something for the family to be proud of on though the next generations.:tu


Great job! I love the idea of using a piece of furniture thats been in the family, make the story that much better.

So how's it holding the humidity? Have the solid shelves been giving you any problems with air circulation?

keep up the great work


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Bear, thank you for sharing this awesome gesture with us! It has given me a bit of inspiration to possibly take on a project of the same magnitude, and it's great to know that your grandmother got to see the end product!


SR Mike

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That is awesome, I like that you did not redo the finish, only cleaned it up. You have given that family heirloom more stories to tell. :tu


I was also wondering if you did anything special to seal it up.
We used gasket that would normally be used for sealing around an exterior door.

So how's it holding the humidity? Have the solid shelves been giving you any problems with air circulation?
So far so good on the humidity front... Using the Hydra with about 2 lbs. of beads. Also have 3 oust fans to help circulation. As for the solid shelving, I had thought about drilling vent holes in them and haven't ruled that out yet. For now, the shelves are on an angle and that leaves a 1 1/2" gap at the front and 1/2" gap at the back.

I filled it with my stock today and like I said, so far so good...:tu


I see you have the London Flat humidor from Bombay. That was my very first humidor and I love it. The cabinet looks great, thanks for posting.