Cabinet Conversion (Warning! Lot's of Pictures)


Mid 20's Gorilla
Wow thats beautiful. Never even thought of doing that. It's so simple and it makes sense. I may have to raid some family members houses to look for possible candidates. Thanks for sharing.


Young Ape
Buddy this is fantastic...and by the way I love your Grandmother...she is quite the lady!! I can't to come over to your house and do a little "Window shopping", easy access on the first floor...sounds great to me!!

Did I see some Paaaaarrrr-teeeeeeee-gaaaaaaaassss in there??



I love Pepin & Tatuaje
That is GREAT! I could only wish that I had something like that to do that with. I was at the Flea Market at the Rose Bowl today, and saw lots of stuff that would be PERFECT for a conversion, but I kept getting the evil look from my wife! :D


Elder Jungle Leader
Glad to hear it is holding humidity... wondered about that.

How cool that you got to do this project WITH your Dad! That is a neat memory that just increases the family heirloom status of a nice piece of furniture. Well done! :ss


Elder Jungle Leader
Mark, That looks fantastic. A great reuse of a family heirloom. I bet your grandmother is very proud or your work!:tu:tu:tu


Nice conversion. Was the spanish cedar kiln dried? :tu
Yes, the S.C. was kiln dried. That's why I chose to re-humidify with boiling hot water treatments. I can't recommend that method enough! The alternative of just trying to use the Hydra would have been maddeningly slow and would have had to re-fill it continuously.