Calgary - August long weekend HERF (Pics)


On Saturday night my smoking buddy Shaun was over and dcyoung (Collin) and his buddy Clay joined us for some cigars out on the deck. It was a little hot out to start but turned out to be a great evening.

Here are some pics

From left to right - dcyoung (Collin), Me, Jake my dog, and Shaun

From left to right - dcyoung (Collin), Clay, Jake my dog, and Shaun





It was a great night filled with great cigars and lots of laughs (mostly at the expense of the guys out East :tu)

Maybe next time we can try and get all the Calgary guys together


Yes.. It was a great time!!! Great to finally meet some of the guys!!!

Alex was an awsome Host...Gifted us some great sticks.:ss

Can't wait to do it again...hopfully with more of the Calgary guys!!!:tu


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glad we could supply ya with the sticks for ur herf.:r...looks like a great time

keep it up is all about the friendships

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did you get that ash tray from holts... i think i might purchase one... Nice get together looks like a whooole lotta fun.. :tu and as always, thx for sharing


looks like a good time. is that a new upmann band on the no.2? how was it?

Yes it buddy Shaun smoked it as he just bought a box but he is not happy with how they are right what you see there in the pic is what he left un-smoked! But he said he just wasn't enjoying it so he fired up a Monti #2 from May 04

So he said he will let them sit till next summer and then try one then :ss


btw we have way better food at our eastern herfs.....:r
Because we didn't have a lot of time (Only 4.5-5 hours) we kept it simple to hotdogs, smokies and chips to munch on....maybe we should bring you out here to cook for us next time Shaggy.....we will feed you drinks and a few stogies to work the grill for us! :r

did you get that ash tray from holts... i think i might purchase one... Nice get together looks like a whooole lotta fun.. :tu and as always, thx for sharing
I got the ashtrays from Heartfelt. I got the first one and it was damaged in shipping so they rushed me a new one and let me keep both......little plug again for the awesome service! I have and will order from them again :ss


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Nice deck herf there.

I here you with the heat. Its been hot as hell here lately.

But when you have good company and are smoking cigars ..........WHO CARES !!!! :ss


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Hello All,

I want to send a big thanks out to Headcrash for hosting a great herf :tu (food, talk, cigar)! It was a very good time and we were glad to meet both of you. We arrived late, sorry for not getting my $h17 together earlier.

btw, I thought you said you put the slimming lens on the camera? I may need to reconsider a box order and invest in a bowflex instead :confused:.

I look forward to herfing again with you guys and meeting the other Calgarians/Saskatchewanian that couldn't make it.

Last but not least, Thank you and Shaun very much for the wonderful selection of sticks - we really appreciate it.


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Looks like you guys had a great time. I like to wear shorts when it is super hot outside instead of jeans. :chk