Camacho Coyolar Rothschild


CS Cog
Had this cigar tonight and was very dissapointed.

The cigar had a very nice appearance, but after clipping and lighting, found that it was not well constructed. The cap started to unravel, a piece of the wrapper fell off and the binder/wrapper had a hard time staying lit the entire smoke.

Right at lightup, a very strong pepper taste hit me. It mellowed out after a few puffs, but then it turned very harsh, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. It developed some nice flavors after similar to the Corojo, but the harsh finish didn't leave me impressed. I had to touch it up the entire smoke as the binder had trouble staying lit. Although the construction felt solid, I imagine it was not wrapped that tightly to keep it lit.

Body was very full. Strong flavor, high nicotine content. I would say some more time might have mellowed out the flavors more and done something about the harshness, but dunno about the construction.

I'll try this again sometime, but my money most likely will go to the Corojos.