Can you ID these sticks?


This was my first online order (, and it was a special offer advertised in Playboy, 13 cigar with a semi-cheesy aluminum travel case for $34.90 shipped. The link doesn't tell you exactly what you're getting, but I figured I'd take a risk and go for it.

I know what MOST of these are, but I thought some of you might have fun trying to figure them out. If you need a size reference, the Gurkha is 7.5" long. I'm fairly excited as I haven't had any of these which one gets fired up first? :) for the big picture. is the special link to order (be warned of slow shipping, poorly protected cigars, and potential duds)

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All in all you got some good sticks there. No Thompson house brands is a plus. I'd smoke, or have smoked all but the Macanudo. They're all decent sticks though, and I couldn't tell you the particulars on the majority of them since I never really pay much attention to that sort of thing with my own sticks. Enjoy em!:tu


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I've tried most of those in there. I would have to out of what you have the Bolivar would be my favorite. Both that and the Black Pearl might lump you up pretty good though. There should be reviews on most of these cigars in this area. Don't looks like a bad selection for the price.


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Looks like some good sticks at a good price. Do yourself a favor and do a search for online vendors here on CS. There are many and you can trust that if the folks here recommend them that they are solid. Good luck and welcome to CS, sorry I missed your introduction thread.:tu:po

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I don't know, they might look decent but I would never buy from Thompson. At least, that's what I heard from a few Club members.


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I either have most of these or have had them, all but the macanudo. The partagas looks like a spanish rosado and is one of my favorites. Looks like you got a good deal, lots of good smoking there :tu


I don't know, they might look decent but I would never buy from Thompson. At least, that's what I heard from a few Club members.
I'll agree with that. Even though I got a good deal, the shipping was slow, and the cigars weren't protected. It was a cardboard box, then the case inside another smaller box. The cigars were in a ziplock bag on top of the smaller box. No humi disc, no "popcorn" or anything else to keep the bag of cigars from moving around. Luckily there wasn't any damage. I won't buy from them again, especially when there's this "devil site" I've heard about :)
It's Caviar by Thompsons standards. Those sampler deals with the travel case are always the best.

Be careful though. They try to hook you and you might end up blowing sailors in alleys for $ 5. :D (i.e. actually ordering Thompsons brand cigars)

No offense to Sailors or Alleys intended.



And I'll add that you should never give this company your phone# when ordering. A friend of a friend of mine :D ordered their Humi + dog rocket special when he was a noob and got a marketing call a day for a month. :BS


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That's a better deal than I got when I got the travel case. It is a nifty little case. Those are a good variety of smokes if you are just getting started. Lots of different tastes there. Enjoy:)


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Good selection. I like the Torano, AF, the RP Conn., the Bolivar, the Partagas...hell, they'll all smoke good. That Black Pearl is a deckspinner, so proceed with caution. The Mac is a Portofino. It's not bad either. My least favorite would be the Gurkha. It comes to less than $3 each with a free case. Plus, they're some monsters in there, so you should get many hours of smoking pleasure.

And, yes, I agree, go with the devil site or CI or Holtz, or so other reputable dealer. Or choose your local B&M.