celebrity cigar smokers


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Here's Kid Rock at the Tiki Hut. Wish I'd been there!



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Thought I would bump this because I saw another thread about it.

Al Capone (infamous mobster)
Al Pacino (actor)
Alfred Hitchcock (film maker)
Andre Agassi (tennis)
Andy Garcia (actor)
Annie Oakley (exhibition shooter)
Armand Assante (actor)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor and Governator extrordinaire)
Babe Ruth (athlete)
Bill Clinton (politician)
Bill Cosby (comedian/actor)
Bob Hope (comedian and TV personality)
Bonnie Parker (career criminal)
Charlie Chaplin (actor)
Charlie Sheen (actor)
Che Guevara (leftist guerilla)
Clint Eastwood (actor)
Compay Segundo (musician/song writer)
Danny DeVito (actor)
Darren Clark (golfer)
David James Elliott (actor)
David Letterman (comedian and TV personality)
Demi Moore (actress)
Dennis Hopper (actor)
Dennis Rodman (athlete and psycho)
Elvis Costello (actor)
Ernest Hemingway (writer)
Fidel Castro (politician/dictator)
Francis Ford Copola (director)
Frank Sinatra (musician)
Franz Liszt (composer)
Gene Hackman (actor)
George Burns (comedian)
George Hamilton (actor)
George S. Patton (WWII General)
Gertrude Stein (author)
Hank Williams Jr. (musician)
Heitor Villa-lobos (composer/musician)
Howard Cosell (sports journalist)
Jack Lemmon (actor)
Jack Nicholson (actor)
James Cahn (actor)
James Gandolfini (actor)
James Hetfield (musician)
James Jamerson (musician)
James Spader (actor)
James Woods (actor)
Jean Claude VanDamme (actor)
Jeremy Piven (actor)
Jim Croce (musician)
Jodie Foster (actress)
Joe Peshi (actor)
John F. Kennedy (politician)
John Wayne (actor)
Karl Marx (philospher)
Kid Rock (musician)
King Edward VII (king)
Kirk Hammett (musician)
Larry Bird (athlete)
Lawrence Taylor (athlete)
Lee Marvin (actor)
Luciano Pavarotti (opera singer)
Madonna (musician)
Marx brothers (comedians/actors)
Mel Gibson (actor)
Michael Douglas (actor)
Mickey Rourke (comedian)
Miguel Angel Jimenez (golfer)
Mike Ditka (coach/athlete/comentator)
Milton Berle (comedian/actor)
Milton Hershey (chocolateer)
Monica Lewinsky (resident whore)
Paul Anka (musician)
Peter Falk (actor)
Red Auerbach (Legend and basketball coach)
Ron White (comedian)
Rudy Gulliani (politician)
Rush Limbaugh (radio host)
Sam Elliot (actor)
Sharon Stone (actress)
Samuel Clemens aka. Mark Twain (author)
Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst)
Sylvester Stallone (actor)
Terry Bradshaw (athlete)
Tom Selleck (actor)
Ulysses Simpson Grant (politician)
Vince McMahon (WWE Owner)
W. C. Fields (actor)
Wayne Gretzky (hockey)
Whoopi Goldberg (actress/TV personality)
Will Smith (actor)
William Shatner (actor)
Winston Churchill (politician)
billy connoly - legend!

robert deniro? (don't know, but he seems the kind of guy to enjoy a stogie ;) )

wolverine from x-men!
ummm, i think to be fair, alot of presidents and world leaders smoke them in celebration of things



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Few more I didn't see:

Bruce Willis
Michael Douglas
Harrison Ford
Tom Cruise
Pierce Brosnan
Joe Pantoliano
Nicholas Cage


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That damn smoke looks dry as hell. Wrapper is a mess. With the money these guys have you would think they would have smokes that have been stored properly.


Didn't see Calvin Peete's name mentioned (PGA golfer).

One of the wildest golf swings you'll ever see with a big 'ol stoogie in his mouth and still hits it a ton!!