Chatting by the Campfire with SilverFox


Seven Down 33 to Go
Well the Reyes turned out better than it started, seems I always enjoy these little gems more than I expect I will.

The night is full of stars and I have just fired up a Cohiba SigII Tubo. I think I am starting to become a Cohiba lover, I don't think I have ever even been close to dissappointed in anything Cohiba.

Hope all is well wherever you are.


I Love Mondays!
As much as I love my time with my family those few minutes of down time alone with your cigar and your thoughts are special as well.

I'm glad your having a great trip.


Seven Down 33 to Go
Well the last day of the annual Thompson Camping trip to Shuswap Lake is upon us. Another perfect day, this is the first time we have been here that I am not ready to go home tomorrow, the trip has been that good and the weather has been that great.

One last trip to the beach for the year.

One last trip to the general store for ice cream before supper.

One last campfire with Smores

One last night of herding giggling exhausteed children into the trailer making sure all the glow sticks and flashlights are on hand.

I hope there memories are as good as mine, this is both a special family time and a special alone time. The perfect vacation in my mind.

I will check in towards the end of the day


You must post pics when you get home! I will be starting this same adventure on Monday and I cant wait!!!!


Lowland Gorilla
whoohoo im going up to a cottage on monday too.. i'll be packing cigars like no tomorrow hahah


Lowland Gorilla
Just taking a break, smoking my El Principe and catching up. Man I need a vacation but at least I can live vicariously though the 'Fox. :D


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Hey Tim (MTmouse) how is your boy doing, thank you for the kind words.
The Dr. is letting him start on 'soft' food, which is good because he couldn't afford to lose anymore weight. He is going to remove the metal bars from inside his mouth in two weeks. Thanks for asking.

I hope you had a great vacation.


Seven Down 33 to Go
Well with a little bit of sadness but more great memories the trailer is hooked back up to the truck and we are headed six hours back east to home. Our 9th Annual trip to Shuswap Lake is in the books.

I hope this are the things that memories are made of for my kids, I know I remember a little of each trip.

Wanted to take a second and thank all the CS Gorillas for letting me ramble and share it helped to solidify the trip in mind just a little bit more.

Back to the grind on Monday, the next few months will require some big decisions for my family but that topic isn't for today, I am still on vacation for two more days, the real world can wait, for now I am content to continue following the rabbit down the hole.