Check out this travel humidor


now you say it looks like a womans it kind of does will need to see if really that small. I was thinking it was like the size of a briefcase. How great would it be to go out on the town and have 40 cigars to choice from though


More, more, more
The shiney croc is a bit much, but if it were offered in a nice shrunken shoulder or other bullhide it would be a great case. It would also look great in oil-tan leather, the kind of stuff you see in good western-style saddle bags. That leather takes on a great patina over time as it comes in contact with the oil from your skin.

I had a messenger/computer bag custom made from chocolate bullhide just recently, and it never fails to get the attention of both the guys and the gals. Usually it's the ladies that check it out. Great conversation-starter.