CI Legends 16 Plus Briefcase Travel Humidor(avail. for B.O.)


Maturing Primate
Recieved my CI catalogue today and decided to call them to order the CI Legends Travel Humidor combo, knowing that it shows back order status online. Talked to Wanda and she allowed me to back order the combo at advertised price of 59.95. She said it may be 2 weeks before the Purple Greycliff sticks would be in. I'm ordering it because I smoked the Purple Greycliff one yesterday that had about 2 years on it according to the guy that sent it to me. I was very suprised by this smoke. I want to try them all just to make sure that they are decent w/out so much age on them. I always thought they were too pricey for house brands, but good is good and 16 sticks for 60 bucks plus a carry case is right at my price point!! haha.

She also has a mazo of 15 double corona 5 Vegas Gold for 39.95 till 4pm their time.

Since I'm not associated with CI in any way, other than as a satisfied customer, they are not responsible for my rendition of the events!

Smoke on bro's.



Best Bring Kryptonite!
I have also considered on pulling the trigger on this deal...looks to be a very tastey set! Haven't yet, but I'm really thinking about it


Young Ape
Another special I saw in the catalog was the Indian Tabac offer. Buy their Indian Tabac sampler and you get a humidor for free.

24 great smokes and a humi for $49.95. Pretty nice deal.


Elder Jungle Leader
warning about back orders, this has to deal with the fusions, I ordered them on sept 30th, and didn't receive them until after thanksgiving, I understand that they were still being made but I am still wondering how accurate their backorder times are.

Commander Quan

The Cheese stands alone
I bought a 30 cigar sampler a couple months ago and have only smoked one of the cigars from it so far. and that was a purple label. It was a decent smoke I honestly don't remember too much about it, but I do think they are priced pretty well.


Maturing Primate
Received the case and cigars. Boxed up the sticks in a cigar box(not a crayola box, in case you were wondering.) Packed em in like they came from a factory that way for aging. The case is nice, holds the sticks in individual foam cuttouts. It DOESN'T have a seal like my other 5 stick traveldor. I'm not sure when I would use a 16 cigar caddy w/out a good seal on it. IF I'm driving somewhere, there's room for a small desktop humi. If I'm flying, I need something with a seal and I have a container for that.