Cigar Band Project - Poker Table - Lots o' Pics!


Pnoon's Bartender
So, I have longed to build my own poker table and to do a cigar band project. What could be better than combining them? So I decided to build my own poker table with a chip rail lined with bands. I am very proud of it and thought I would show it off a little.

BTW - Special thanks to Frank, Darrel, and Tim (blue havana II) for the big shipments of bands and to everyone who gave me their bands at herfs.

There are ten places marked by cuban box seals.

So without further adieu - On with the pics!

The table

Looking down the rail



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That is ridiculous omg... Wow dont know if I could concentrate on the flop with all those band's.. probally be the one time I lose money playing poker being too busy drooling over the bands wishing I could of contributed to smoking the sticks.


Dave's not here, man!
Absolutely AWESOME!!! I really dig the seating placements and the different layers of bands. Truly a great job, and something to be very proud of!! And your mom's cover is cool, too!!