Cigar Dave's Officers' Club


Professor of Herfology
Hey folks,

Anyone have experience with this particular club? It's 19.95 a month for 3 sticks that are supposedly hard to come by or very new on the market. Sounds fun but I'm always leery. Thanks!


Elder Jungle Leader
sticks are very easy to come by. not worth the money. Just check he sent out and you will; find them at your local store or UM


In my office at the Bing
I dont like those clubs. Usually ounce you join it is hard to discontinue service.You probably can get the cigars cheaper at an online store. Also you will get what you wanna try not what they send you.


Elder Jungle Leader
LOL, I found a sure way to discontinue! Just change your CC number. If they still send you the goods, screw em. They will stop eventually!

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