Cinco de Mayo smoke - Tatuaje Red Label (aka don't drink and cut!)


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Just a quick one here -

After an excellent dinner with good friends I capped off the evening with my first Tatuaje. I'm not sure with exactly vitola it was (thanks to many margaritas and more on that later) but it was unreal.

Dinner was pork marinated with habanero peppers and onions with beans and rice. Many pitchers of margaritas were served. I needed a special smoke to end this night so I grabbed a Tatuaje (thank you again so much to the Front Range Herfers!).

I got a bit over zealous with my Xikar and due to my impared fine motor skills I took entirely too much off but I still smoked this one down to the rapidly unwrapping nub. 5 stars, two thumbs up, 100 out of 100, A+. This was a killer smoke and I can't wait to get my hands on some more.

The verdict is that DPG makes a mean smoke.

This was a perfect cigar to end a great night. :tu

Happy Cinco de Mayo fellow Gorillas!


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Thanks for sharin' your experience!:tu:)

Sounds like a wonderful way to have celebrated your first Tat!!!:ss