Clouds of smoke?


Young Chimp
What cigars out there produce great big plumes of smoke? Is that something you guys see as a positive or negative attribute?

I'm personally a big fan of alot of smoke :ss


Young Chimp
sancho panza is definitely a good choice. another for lots of smoke is a cao cameroon toro.

more smoke the better.


Will Herf for Food....
I would recommend La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6 or #7, preferrably in maduro. The 6x60 (#6) and the 7x58 (#7) will produce a huge volume of smoke. They also have a good med-full flavor that is rather complex. I've had some friends who prefer mild smokes truly enjoy them, so don't be afraid of the big ring guage.

Also, any of the Camacho 11/18 vitolas. They are all pretty full flavored, not for the faint of heart. Anyway, enjoy.



Evolving Lead Gorilla
I love it, the more smoke the better. The SPDM's def. bellow smoke, along with most Pepin smokes due to their construction.


Maturing Primate
Bolivar Cofradia's - first thing that struck me was how much smoke was coming out of my mouth.

Also, another one I've had with tons of smoke is an Onyx Reserve (at least I believe it was).



Will Whore for Cigars
DPG Cuban Classic, and not to sound like a shill, but the Taboo LR's put out a decent amount of smoke.

I've had good luck with the CAO Italia's too.

I also am a big fan of "The Fog"


Young Chimp
this is great! cool to see all the different cigars that sound like veritable smoke stacks! about how much do these run in terms of $?

And are most of these medium to full bodied? I still havent even tried anything more than a "mild" cigar, but i'm not super crazy about them, so maybe I will like the mediums.

I have a Indian Tabac Maduro something or other that came in a sampler to try. In fact I'll smoke it tomorrow, see how I like a "bolder" cigar. I'm kind of over the "tea" taste of mild cigars.

Or maybe I just haven't had the right "mild" cigars?


I personally love big clouds of smoke. It just seems to me that the cigar is well constructed. My most recent cigar that produced a lot of smoke was the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic.


Maturing Primate
And are most of these medium to full bodied?

Well the ones I listed are on the full bodied side. The Bolivar Cofradia is full bodied whereas the Onyx Reserve is medium-full. I'm not so sure the strength of the cigars has such an influence on the smoke cause another one I've had with tons of smoke is the Romeo Y Julieta Vintage (glass tubed). It's more mild-medium but it let out tons of smoke.



Young Ape
I love billowing clouds of of the best I've encountered for that is the Rocky Patel Vintage 90 Sixty. Major smoke out of that tasty stick.

And it is definitely more medium than full, so you might want to give that try.


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All jokes aside, because I think they are a worthwhile cigar for the price, Nubs put out a ton of smoke. Maybe it is the sweet spot :rolleyes: