Clubstogie Louie Collage


Country Gentleman
As some of you may know, I really like playing around with photoshop and doing funny pictures in the photo chop threads. Well this morning I decided to do something cool with the 300+ photos of Clubstogie members that I have. I hope you all enjoy.


(You can right-click and save this picture, and zoom in to see even more detail of the faces on Clubstogie)

Now the concept of the image, is that we brother's and sister's of the leaf collectively make up the home of the lowland Gorilla. I really enjoy this place. It is unique from any other board. I appreciate all my BOTL's and hope to be around for a very long time!!


Country Gentleman
Thats awesome Wayne! Do you have a higher-res one though? Can't see the faces when I zoom.

Dang it, the one I uploaded looked good, but photobucket put a limitation on file size, I'll try and find a hosting site for the high res one.

EDIT: Can anyone give me a free hosting site for over 6mb image?


jardinero de la selva
Nice skills, what plug-in did you use? Let me know if you need a hi-res of the "Louie" and what pixel resolution.

You can drop it to my public folder on my idisk if you like.

EDIT: I think we've got it :tu I will let wayner123 post the link. :D
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