Coolidors and the "slope"


When I set this up in early October, there were about 10 cigars in it.

Here it is today:

The Yummy tray

The also yummy tray

My company has an annual tradition of smoking cigars on the friday before New Year's Day, so here's what I'm taking to the party. Some good ones for the smokers, and some so-so's for the posers.

A word to newbies....head over to the Newbie Sampler Trade and PIF threads! A lot of these came from there.

I'm guessing I'll need a bigger cooler by March!


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I wish my company had a tradition like that, but I work for a hospital system with two non smoking campuses.

Very nice collection though.
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I might be starting up a cooler or tupperdor here soon. The gf is getting me a box of Cohibas and I might be buying a box myself.


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I really wish my company did something like that. How awesome that must be!

Looks like you are on your way there. I'm going to be getting my first coolidor probably this weekend. I'm pretty pumped as well.

Great looking sticks also.


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I might have to have the GF take some pics of my ghetto fabulousness. 8 boxes of cigars on my bedroom floor all in ziplocs with humidipaks. If could ever stop buying cigars I'd buy a cabinet.....


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I started out with a freebie 40 count, filled it up pretty quick. Then I was buying some bigger samplers and needed more space so got a well-priced 200 or 250 ct 2nd from That got full pretty quickly and I had a bunch of loose Gurkhas and variety packs from CI/Cbid, so I went and got a 96 quart cooler at Target. I think I maybe have room for one more box now...and I'm jonesing after some LFD Double Ligeros.


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I am thinking if i get a coolerdoor it is just going to ENABLE me to spend more and more money.... eeeeek, maybe a tupperdor will suffice for a bit?!?!?


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I think I will just skip the cooler and just build a fake wall in the closet and add a humi room.

Think the wife will notice? :r



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If you thought buying race parts for Neons cost a lot, cigars will cost you a lot more (but you'll enjoy it just as much!).



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100 qt cooler at walmart is about $50. If you can find or order one, it will probably be cheaper now than in march when everyone is looking for a cooler for spring/summer. Check out this one:
Sorry, not to hijack or anything but I was in Walmart looking at one of these last night. I tossed in a couple flashlights from that display and it looked like I was able to see light around the lid. But that was in the store. Do they all fit different or was I a victim of looking through store lights?