Crappy end to the weekend


Everything was great this past weekend until Saturday night.

Saturday I spent the day in the yard with my wife and had a great time. We had a nice dinner and then I went out for an evening with the boys to see some wrestling live. It was Great! The Honky Tonk Man was here as well as Tatanka, and Samoa Joe the TNA Champ. Fun night!

On our way home we stopped to chow down a burger and then head home. Well on my drive home about 30 min after I ate my stomach was killing me and I felt sick. I was sweating like crazy! I was pretty close to home so I made it to the drive way only to step out of the truck and get sick. In my haste to get into the house I forgot to lock my truck. I spent half the night being sick and then slept till 3pm on Sunday.

I finally went out to the truck last night at about 9pm as I had to run to the store. I noticed that the drivers door was not closed properly and the stuff from my console was everywhere. I looked in the truck to find that the case of beer I had in there was gone, some cd's (5-6) and a couple of DVD's.....but worst of all I had my traveldor in there with I would say 9-10 cubans. I don't remember exactly what kind they all were but that just really sucks.

I guess what bothers me the most is that someone would just got take my stuff and on the one night I don't lock the truck. Tough lesson for me!

Sorry to be so long winded but I needed to vent a little.

Thanks for reading


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I guess what bothers me the most is that someone would just got take my stuff and on the one night I don't lock the truck. Tough lesson for me!

Sorry to be so long winded but I needed to vent a little.
That totally sucks! I hope that whoever stole your stuff has bad karma for the rest of their miserable life!

The good news is that you are okay and the truck wasn't damaged. Given the beer, I'm betting that they would have broken in if it was locked.

Get better and don't eat at that place again :tu


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If there is anything in this life that I hate its people that steal....Ive had so mny things stolen from me it isnt even funny. Sorry to hear it


Take it from someone who has been robbed twice and has worked in a body shop long enough to know what happens when things are locked.

I usually keep my back door unlocked, I noticed someone had been in my house as some things were missing and wound up in a pawn shop, so I locked it from then on. A week later my back door was broken out causing a lot of damage and more things were robbed.

When I worked in a body shop every time a window had been broken out it had been robbed because it was locked. They usually didn't stop at that as it seems that the inconvenience of having to break into the vehicle seemed to make them madder so they usually vandalized the interior as well.

I'm sorry it happened to you, it sucks. Thieves suck. Sorry about your Cubans being taken as well.


A curse on all theives!

May their smokes burn crooked and their cigars be plagued with beatles forever!

Sorry Bro. Nothing like kicking a man when he's down. :mad:


Thanks guys.

It really does suck but yeah at the end of the day I am really glad the truck was ok...that is what really matters. Everything else can be replaced easy enough.

I have never wished for beatles in my cigars (Only the ones they took though) so bad as I do right now :r


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People are thieving assholes. **** em.

At least you have a family, job, good smokes, and your health. Be thankful for that and let the other shit roll off your shoulders. :2


This blows...sorry to hear it happened to you.

I had the same thing happened to me in DC Friday night. My band was playing a gig, and afterward we got back to the car to find it trashed. Everything from the console & glove box was strewn all over the back seat. But nothing was broken windows or pried locks. Don't know if the doors were unlocked or not because I hit the key fob while walking to the car. Best part is that nothing was stolen...we don't keep anything valuable in there at all. I would have loved to see the thief's frustration after realizing he picked an empty car.

Just cleaned up the mess and headed home.


I'm sorry. That's terrible to hear. In the end, they'll get what they deserve. At least you're not ill anymore, they didn't damage the truck.

Theives are low lives. I hope these guys get caught.


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Sorry to hear that.
I have had the misfortune of having that happen to me on three of my cars in the past.
Totally sucks when you go out there and see something is not right and not the same as when you last saw it.
It is like a personal violation of sorts.
Just plain sucks!