Cruzado Domenicos Corona Gorda


Something Psuedo-Clever

Tonight I got the chance to try an early release of the new Cruzado line. This is the followup line from the Illusione camp.

I had the corona gorda vitola which is called Domenicos.

I was presented with a pretty dark, rich looking wrapper which I believe is a rosado. It had some very pronounced veins and the head sported a little pigtail.

After toasting the foot, I immediately noticed a dark roasted coffee flavor. The cigar seemed a bit young as I noticed a harshness from time to time throughout the smoke.

Towards the end of the first third I ashed (about 1.5 inches) and started to pick up a salty caramel taste which I really enjoyed. This taste continued for the duration of the second third. I was careful to smoke this slowly as I have noticed that young cigars can quickly become too harsh if allowed to get too warm.

During the final third, the salted caramel taste diminished and I got back to the roasted coffee. The final inch or two of the smoke wasn't anything special, but nonetheless enjoyable.

I was very excited about this line and after my first stick, I feel the excitement was well-founded.


A Cat eating Spaghetti...
I smoked the Churchill...Marios...size....I cried when there was none left...I think I may have died a little inside as well...I cannot wait until the full ship happens on these amazingly tasty cigars.... Great Review!


A Cat eating Spaghetti...
Dion has yet to ship any of the new Cruzado line as of yet...however, he did say they will be out by the end of this month. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!