Cubao No. 3 Review


OK all, just enjoyed a Cubao no. 3 (Lancero) and thought I would type up a quick review.

First off, it was my first smoke of the day, after dinner; accompanied by the remainder of a Pepsi then some water.

I must admit as well - I am not a lancero guy, the larger ring gauge generally suit me better.

Construction was nice- dark wrapper, rolled well, though there was a soft spot dead center of the cigar.

Pre-light draw showed 'average' resistance and seemed fine - could taste a bit of spice.

Lighting technique - I don't 'puff and roll' but toast until the cigar 'ignites on its own' from a butane flame that I constantly 'rotate' around the end, just out of reach of the actual cigar (this also keeps the 'char' taste from my taste buds and, generally - at least for me - allows me to enjoy the experience more thoroughly). After this, I ensured the burn began evenly with no 'hot spots' and took a draw. What I found was:

Spice. Peppery - not overpowering - more like a bouncer that wants you to know you are being watched. First inch or so, the spice increased, then began to fade. After this, I picked up a little earthiness coupled with a hint of cedar (and something I can't quite describe- almost a little like licorice- which I hate, though it did not detract). Also throughout (meaning from minus 1 inch to last 2.5 inches) was a kind of dark chocolate, and at times caramel flavor. These alternated along with the spice and some leather fairly evenly. Last 2.5inches, however - the spice in the form of the bouncer arrived - now pissed. It increased from a black pepper to a bitter 'put it down' taste with about 2 inches remaining.

Smoke is nice and thick, aroma is 'above average', but the burn requires attention. Had to touch up the burn twice during the smoke. Also, around the 'soft spot' the burn became erratic and extinguished, requiring a relight, but this did not repeat itself. Ash holds on nicely and is more salt than pepper.

Overall: a good cigar, but not on my 'buy me again list' simply because it is a lancero. However, the blend is definitely good enough to warrant my purchase of a different size the next time I run across it and give it a go. For the price, I would definitely say it would be worth trying a single or 5er.

For anyone interested in this particular stick, hope the review helped - I am by no means an expert and, honestly, this is my first 'typed' review for the community - other 'reviews' have been me telling others my thoughts. Feedback appreciated if you feel necessary.

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These cigars are amazing in the sense that the surroundings of where I am smoking can absolutely affect the taste. Outdoors, during the day, she becomes spicey and saucy, while indoors, at night, she seems to mellow and smooth out. Maybe my own personal perceptions, but that's what I get!


Just to add for a couple:

My desktop humidor (where it sat for 2 weeks after coming home from the shop in an appropriate 'goldfish bag) is steady at 65 with temp of 70-72 (not sure of the RH at the shop, but this guy is a fanatic about the cigars so it should be right on). Also, this one was in the middle / top tray (so no possibility of a leak before I gained posession).

I do plan to test a couple of the others next time I am there to see if the soft spot is a trend.

My 'smoking environment' was outside on a relatively cool evening after a fresh rain



Nice review - feel the same about the smaller RG - has to be at least a 50-52 to interest me. This is one I have also been eyeballing but have picked others lately instead (Illusione, Kristoff and a couple La Flor's to try).

Next weekend, I'm trying one of these for these thanks to your review.


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I'm about halfway through a box of the robusto size of this cigar (the #5 I think). Thus far I have nothing negative to say about this cigar. The construction on all has been good, draw has been good, and burn has been good. I'm a fan of the blend and really like the taste.

I really like this line of cigars.