Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid #9


CS Cog
Today was cold for us Houstonians (51) so I half-opened my garage, pointed my fan outside and lit up this cigar, which has been in my humidor over 4 months.

Appearance was very nice. Silky, smooth, very few veins. The first inch had a great, creamy flavor with a pleasant finish that faded slowly without any harshness or bad aftertaste. Lately, I've noticed this is the department where NC's really do not impress me (at least of the ones I've had). The finish tends to be short, dry and leaves a chemical flavor. Not this one.

After an inch it developed into a woody flavor, again with a nice, subtle finish.

All of a sudden, the flavor just dropped out on this cigar. After the 2nd inch, I couldn't taste a thing... extremely bland and boring. I admired the wrapper and band, but was bored with it. One thing that kept me puffing was the aroma. Nice and toasty.

Maybe a little more time would have merged the flavors more nicely because after the strong beginning, this thing died on me and left me disappointed.