Cutting or punching cigars..what do you prefer?


For years I used a cheap, single blade cutter. A few years ago, I bought a punch and used it exclusively for several years. After joining CS and reading all about Palio, I finally bought one and use it all the time. A superior cut.! All those wasted years:hn The gorilla's were right on the money with their opinion on Palios.

I agree, Bob! I've used my Palio exclusively for one week now. Definitely the best on the market!:tu

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I used to punch everything until I got a little better with my cutter. Now I usually cut everything. Recently, I punch cut an Oliva V lancero and it worked great. I may start punching smaller RGs.


Young Ape
Newbie here too... I cut. Do not have a punch. Are there any bene's to cutting over punching or visa-versa?

I tend to punch but will cut as well. I new to the punch but I like it. The head seems to stay a bit firmer (may be my imagination). It probably concentrates the nicotine a bit more. Cutting probably lets you draw more smoke (shrug).

I keep saying "probably" because I haven't noticed much of a difference either way. I'd be interested in what other guys here think.


I used to cut everything but when my cheep cutter started tearing up the caps I tried the V cut and am prefering it right now unless the stick is less than 42 gauge.


:DI used to punch all but torpedo cigars. I found that I did not get as much flavor with the punch as I did with the cutter. For Christmas, I was given a xitar cutter and I love it, so now I don't punch any of the cigars I smoke.:D


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I like to cut, simply because I like the airway to be as large as possible to avoid any buildup.
Punching is easier to avoid problems with unravelling tho!


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I usually cut unless it is a 52 ring or larger, then I will go with the punch.... Buts you gots to have a good cutter or you will tear dem sticks up....:ss

That is all...


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Figurados - I cut'em. Parejos - I use a cutter to score the cap and then flick it off with my thumb. :)


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I started with punching because it was easier, but found when i cut the same cigar next time it smoked better for me. So now i cut. I use xicar folding scissors.


It depends on the cap of the cigar I am smoking. If there is a nice cap, then I can cut it without worrying about unravelling. If the cap is barely there, then I punch so that unraveling is not an issue. I prefer to cut if I can though.


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It depends on the cigar, for me. I have both types, but I tend to cut most stogies with my Xikar. I like the draw and smoke development of a nice cut instead of a punch in most cases.