Do you hate Drew Estates?

Do you hate drew estates?

  • I Love drew estates

    Votes: 46 24.5%
  • They are all disgusting

    Votes: 46 24.5%
  • Naturals arent too bad

    Votes: 53 28.2%
  • Flavored cigars are for panzies

    Votes: 52 27.7%

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Admiral Douche Bag
It's not really fair to Drew Estates to label them as just a flavored cigar producer. They make some very nice smokes besides the infused ones. La Vieja Habana Early Years & Chateau Real are both fine blends; for example.


Used to smoke the LVH Early Years Silencios by the boxload....but I wouldn't smoke another Acid on a dare.


Young Ape
Im not a fan of the infused cigars. I can handle one every now and then, but everyday is just too much. A couple of my friends smoke them exclusively and it blows my mind. Chateau Real are decent, Ligas are pretty damn good actually. I wish they would focus on the traditional types more often cause I think they could make a bunch of good smokes.


Cigars, Guns, and Booze
Ive smoke many drew estates and acids and love them! :tu

My favorite are the Kuba Kuba and the LVH


I love Pepin & Tatuaje
This is kinda an open ended poll, as drew estates as a whole, IMHO sucks, but the la vieja habana is one of my favorite cheap smokes. That being said, I have never met an acid that I could finish:pu



New member
I think they definately have their place as illustrated by the love of Acids by our troops in Iraq. I've found the La Vieja Habana to be a very good cigar at a great price point.


Absolutely true. Acids are the only brand mentioned by name when I ask the troops if they'd like anything in particular. And Drew Estate is a stand up company. I mentioned the troops love for Acids to one of Drew Estate's event managers and he offered to donate some cigars to our troop support effort. Turns out he served in the Marines for 8 years and likes to hook up the troops with sticks. I'll be posting a thread when their donation arrives.

...Don't concern yourself with what others think about your choices,if you like them its all that matters.



Young Ape
The first cigar I smoked was Acid Kong Cameroon. I like ACID cigars, but they are a little bit in-yo-face infused (a little too sweet). The Natural line is my favorite, especially Natural Dirt. Smoked a LVH last night and really enjoyed it :). Java and Chateau Real are next.


I think the La Vieja Habana is a great stick for the money. I usually have a box or two of those on hand.

I didn't care for the LVH Early Years. It had a lot of hype but I found them rolled too loose for my tastes.

The Naturals are great cigars and if they were priced at about half what they are I'd buy them regularly. But if I have $100-$150 to drop on a box I'll go with many others instead.

The Kahula, Java, Mayorga Coffee Infused, and Sauza are all great change of pace cigars.

But, the ACID and Ambrosia lines make me sick. I can't get beyond the smell. To me it smells like cheap cologne or Old Spice deodorant. I just can't stomach it.


Only acids I like are kuba kubas as summer day smokes. I don't really hate any DE but can't think of
an occasion I would buy them over another, more traditional cigar.


Young Ape
I don't like the Acids or other infused or sweet cigars, but I do like the LVH Early Years and the Liga Privada is, IMO, a great stick!

Bob R in OKC


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Do you hate Drew Estates?

That's a pretty broad brush. I do not dislike all the brands the company puts out. In fact, my experience has been limited to only three brands: La Vieja Habana ( I like them ), Natural (I try to keep a box of Roots on hand) and Acid.

Acid is disgusting. They all stink like a French whore house (rivalling Lars Tetens in that respect), and the only one I managed to actually smoke was a Kuba Kuba (rec'd as a freebie from Holt's for buying a box of Roots). That was, to my palate, the most disgusting thing ever to touch my lips in 60 years of living. Hell, even Lars Tetens cigars taste better. Threw the blasted thing as far away from me as I could. It killed the grass.

Well, OK, so it didn't kill the grass, but the rest is gospel.

That's my take on the topic.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I'm not a fan of flavored cigars unless it's a grape swisher :dr :r :bn :chk

but Drew's non-flavored cigars, like the Chateau & La Vieja, are alright


I've never had one. I've often wanted to try one but I can't justify spending money on them when I could buy something I know I like


jardinero de la selva
Let me just say that I am not passionate about Drew Estates, neither hate nor love. Where I am currently in my taste evolution I would only smoke one with someone else who enjoyed them. Some of their odiferous offerings can tempt nausea at times. :D


Never had any DE cigars and wouldn't want to.
Last time I smoked a flavored cigar I got one of the worst headaches that I couldn't wish on any body.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the new Tabak Especial.
I'm not a fan of flavored cigars... and the ACIDs are too much for me, but the new Tabak Especial is a great (coffee infused) smoke. Not as sweet as the Java that they do for Rocky.

As others have mentioned, the Liga Privada #9 is a Kick A** cigar (if you can find it... I am one of only 50 retailers nationwide).

For a mild cigar, the Chateau Real is pretty good, and they have recently done something UNHEARD OF with this cigar... the price has COME DOWN!

My $.02