Drinks. Which ones do you like with which cigars?


During the day coffee or water. In the evening, Single malts such as Macallan, Glenfiddich Solera Reserve and I occassionally like Laphroig. Been on two trips to the Napa/Sonoma area with my wife and have started to enjoy some of the reds and I always enjoy one of severalports from some of he smaller wineries in that area.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I am partial to a nice scotch or american whiskey with a nice smoke in the evening. But I have been known to have a Sprite or diet Coke as well. Just depends I guess.


I smoke mostly Maduro's and I like Cognac, Brandy, or Tawney Port (Portugal).......My wife won't let me drink scotch, but I love JW Black or Glenfiddich with cigars...


My Other Brother Darrell
Sierra Nevada seems to go great with everything for me.:tu

I also like a nice spicy tomato beer (Red Eye) especially with a cigar that has pepper to it! I like rum and coke (thanks to tzaddi), Port Wine, Coffee, Coffee with Baileys or Kalua!:tu


Shower Curtain Ring Guy
Non-Alcohol: Club soda with fresh-squeezed limes

Beer: Newcastle or Smithwicks or Modelo Negro or....

Bourbon - Van Winkle (10, 12 or 15) or George T Stagg (neat only)
Scotch - Clynelish 14 or Dalwhinnie 15 straight (neat only)
Tequila - El Tesoro or Don Julio (reposado/anejo - neat only)


black tea, be it earl gray or just some nice afternoon tea. i occasionally do something herbal, but only if i feel like doing something special, since i dont have to much of it left



Funky Monkey
Used to be mostly beer (negra modelo, bohemia) but lately I have been drinking lots of Rum :p. I tried the Havana club rums (añejo especial y añejo reserva) and both are good, either on the rocks or with coke.

I need to try the "añejo 7años" (7years).


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Together :confused::confused:

For me it depends what I feel like and what I have on hand. Red wine, porto, bourbon, scotch, coffee, water, Dr. Pepper, hot tea, iced tea, martini, whatever!
Of course, you silly gorilla!! A nice cab mixes great with a spiced rum. :BS
I guess I could have been more specific, huh.


Alpha Silverback
Pretty much anything fit for human consumption. Water, coffee, various juices, Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Tequila, wine, etc. Lately, I've been rather partial to Bloody Marys.


Maturing Primate
Immediately after dinner, port is a top choice for me. With late night cigars, nothing beats a B&B in my book.


Will Herf for Food....
I typically drink gin & tonic when smoking or not. Usually Sapphire or Tan. Ten.

Although I've noticed a cab goes much better with a med-full maduro. I spent many nights last summer sipping Charles Shaw (yes 2-buck Chuck) Cab and smoking LGC #7 Maduro.

Non-Alcoholic drinks: Usually water, on occasion diet-pepsi.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Coffee, water, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Bass Pale Ale, Harp Lager

Never tried an IPA but I heard they are great with cigars.