Dutch Masters.... eww


So i was at walmart tonight and i wanted to see what kind of smokes they had behind the tobacco isle...

I was going to try some backwoods and then i saw the dutch masters so i thought i would give those a try... boy was that a mistake

Got home, went outside with laptop and lit it up. I was impressed at the start had great taste but after about 10 mins it turned to hell.

Not even halfway through it went out on me... re lit it and then i just said screw that. I might try another one... might just use them for toilet paper who knows... i wont give them out tho i would be waaaay to embarrassed:r

ps. while at walmart had to get the 2 for 5.25 copenhagen long cut!!!!


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At LEAST you could have picked up a couple of Ronson's. WM for smokes? No thanks.:BS I will stick to the gas station, better humidification.:dr


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Hmm well see.. I think you might have been the first person on the planet to actually smoke a dutch master :p Teenagers usually split them open, empty them, and stuff them with weed.


A guy at work saw me smoking a Partagas Black a few weeks ago. He gave me one of his "Buy one get one Free" Grape Cigars. lol Smelled good until I lit the thing up, :BS


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yea i smoke a padron at least 3 times a week lol

i was just curious cause i see people talking about them on here

The Dutch Masters people often refer to here are vintage Clear Havanas not the machine made version sold nowadays