Even more expensive than the Cohiba Behike


Young Ape
Geez, just when I thought Gurkha's marketing tactics couldn't get any more absurd...

That is a nice looking box though.

Here is a story on a few humidors that fetched some hefty prices last week in Cuba - and they didn't even have Castro's signature! At roughly the same price, I'm curious as to how they compare with the Gurkhas. :r
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six string

Professor Mold
Typical Gurkha. Mediocre cigars, overpriced.

This is what you get when you have a company that can't succeed based on the quality of their tobacco and has to resort to cheap marketing tactics instead. Extra aged? What a joke. The only way these guys can give the impression that they are one of the big players in the cigar biz is to pull stunts like this.

I guarantee you that if I smoked a Padron 3000 and a Black Dragon back to back, the Padron 3000 would blow it away. And, I would have saved $114,920 on the box. LMAO! :ss