Favorite Famous Cigar Smoker


Lowland Gorilla
I'd say Mark Twain. The man had a great way of looking at life and passing it on....and he smoked like a chimney.

Also Red Auerbach...You gotta love a guy who's got no problem lighting up a mammoth victory cigar sitting on the bench without a care in the world. His accomplishments in the game go without say.


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This is a super-old thread, but I was going to start a new one anyways. Thank you to "search" for saving me. Anyways, been seeing Jeremy Piven in more stuff here lately, and made me think of his article in SMOKE mag. a few years ago, smoking one of his (and my) favorites...a PAM. But, he can afford to smoke them as Yardgars, and I can't...well, not yet anyways! :ss


Man O' Gar
Whoa, I wasn't even smoking when this thread was started.

I'd like to fire one up with Toby Keith and shoot the :BS about music and guitars.



Young Ape
I've gotta say Groucho, or a close second would be Babe Ruth. My grandfather always used to tell me about he and his brothers would pay a nickel to get into Yankee Stadium, watch "The Babe" hit a homer, then leave. Unreal...