Favorite Place to Smoke

Favorite Place To Smoke

Wheres your favorite place to smoke?

Mine is my backporch. Its covered so rain or shine i enjoy spending time out there. I also enjoy smoking at my families cabin in Minoaqua Wisconsin. Its so relaxing up there, and nothing beats a cigar on the lake!:ss


ChestBeating Bruin!
Re: Favorite Place To Smoke

I love smoking out on the deck! Especially during the summer when the weather is nice. I can sit out there for hours puffing away and enjoying some great wine.:ss


Newbie in the jungle
Re: Favorite Place To Smoke

My favorite place is usually the porch or carport. When the weather gets colder, I'll move to the backyard with the chiminea!


Alpha Silverback
My favorite place to smoke is at the local B&M that I work at, Timothy's Fine Tobacco's. Great lounge and even better group of regulars that come in to smoke.


Young Ape
Nice pictures all. My favorite place would be my brother's appartment. It's heated and cooled, the libations flow freely and I can stay as late as I want.


Young Ape
How did I know it was going to be a dog in the picture? I guess I have kids. AND A DOG! LOL!

My favorite place is at my friends house. The back of the garage is somewhat sheltered from the rain, and it overlooks a pasture. He has two large fern growing there, along with some other small trees. Since we're facing north-ish, when it's a full moon you can see the silhouette of the mountain in the distance. It is awesome. I know, I know... pictures. Next time we're up there I'll try to remember.

Camping with the wife and the "good kid".


Being in the north our season is short so we try to make the most of it.
About a month or so and we hope to get our first trip in.



Cigar Nutter
So far, Davidoff shop at Clombus Circle in Manhatan. I do smoke in Diffrent places but I feel the most calm and relaxing when I smoke there.

Maybe because I know my wife will never walk in there :):)
Haha - I love it!

My favorite place is at my parents house. Sitting out in the back garden on a wooden table with my old man each with a Monte Cristo. The garden is so colourful and full of life. I is great just to sit down in a comfortable enviroment with the old man and enjoy a nice bottle of red and a monte.