Figurado Reserve


Lowland Gorilla
Anybody tried the Figurado Reserve line by Alec Bradley? The price is quite attractive and mdcigars has a nice sale on them but I can't seem to find any reviews here or on top25.


Saw the MD special on these and did soemthing I don't usually do; I bought a box without know anything about 'em. But at $35 for a box of 20, and liking other Alec Bradley sticks, I don't think I would get screwed too badly. I searched for info on these too, but had no luck. After an internet search I found there isn't many places that stock these. I was really surprised that Top25 even has no info on them. Oh well, placed my order, will review when I get them.



If you want a decent "FULL" bodied smoke, then this is a good one for you. For a well-made "FULL" bodied cigar they are very reasonably priced. A "FULL" bodied stick that is good but not extemely complex. They have a consistent, strong cedary taste. They burn well and relatively long (even the petite figs) with dense smoke . They are "FULL" bodied with a long finish.

Did I mention they were "FULL" bodied? :r

(WHOA - These fuggers are nose-burners. If you inhale, you die!)