First Cigar To Kick Your A**?


Hey, gorillas! I realize I'm still a "Newbie", but I'm wondering which memorable cigar you had that "Kicked Your A**? Mine was a CAO MX2 I had last week that just about wiped me out! Great smoke, but I was wobbly from the:tu nicotine 'buzz" for 10 minutes!!! Let's have some fun and go down Memory Lane!!! Thanks!!!


...Got Metal?
.. i believe it was the La Flor Oscuro... 400?
not sure.. had this strange looking wrapper .. it was early last spring...
while i was driving... i got back to my place.. starting walking around lmao... WOW i was buzz'n, awesome smoke.
other than that my first good buzz was a week into smoking cigars i tried the La Gloria Serie R No. 7 maduro.. kicked my ASS!
so far.. i havent had anything too exciting.. i still gotta pop my Litto Gomez Small batch cherry though:tu


LFD Ligero made me a little sick, nothing too bad, but a week or 2 later, and Opus X (which was the second stick of the night) had me wanting to die. Of course later someone told me about how sugar can help with that :).


Alpha Silverback
Original blend of El Rico Habano by El Credito. Made me weak kneed and generally blurry.

This one probably came as close as any for me as well. But it quickly passed. I assume that's because I smoked cigarettes for SOOOOOOOOOO many years before, even though I've not had one since 1/29/01.


Son of Evil Emperor Zurg
JDN - ooohhhh...kicked in the change purse, felt real bad!

Have had a couple of unassuming CCs that I didn't pay much attention to until it was too late.


Young Ape
Im really quite a noob, but for me, the El Legend-Ario Corojo I had last night was the first to give me a nicotine buzz, knocked me down for a few minutes. Wasnt quite ready for it.

Coffee Grounds

Evolving Lead Gorilla
Opus X was really the first cigar that got me.
Being a cigarette smoker most cigars don't buzz me but that one did and I have been chasing the monkey every sense.


I don't recall the exact make, but it was a Rocky Patel. It was a blind buy when I first got into Cigars, and shortly before I got a humidor. I was very newbish, and let it sit out and dry out... it burned really hot, smoked it on an empty stomach... and made me hate life to the point that I almost quit then and there.

However, I've never been a quitter.


Young Ape
Padron 1926 Series No.9 Maduro - it wasn't my first buzz but it was definitely the strongest buzz...but what a fantastic stick!

It just so happens to be the #1 rated cigar of the year in this months Cigar Aficionado (Feb '08 - page 61) but a pricey stick to get attached to.