First Cigar To Kick Your A**?


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Camacho Triple Maduro. I hadn't been smoking that long, and I smoked it to the nub. I was fine smoking it but went inside and it hit me HARD.


Memory lane, eh? Well... I got my a$$ handed to me by the strongest of cigars...


I wrote quite the post. I was quite talkative, back in the day. Now I just sit and stare blankly at things with bright colors.

Since then, I've still not had a similar experience. And I can smoke 3 Monte's at the same time, inhaling each one to the nub. (OK, that's an exaggeration.) My experience was so unpleasant, and thanks to the advice I got, I haven't had a repeat. I've had a few STRONG cigars start to make me feel "off"... but if that happens, I now just slow it down... and I've abandoned a good cigar once or twice when I've sensed things were amiss. This has only happened when I've overconsumed alcohol, or when I've lit up a cigar seconds after the completion of a triathalon... you know, to celebrate.

Speaking of memory lane... I'm just looking at some of my old posts. Lol... things have changed a bit! Primarily, I don't give CBID $200 a month anymore. Heh.


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First one that got me was a Camacho Corojo, made my head spin and when I looked at the computer everything was wavy


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I'll have to let you know when it happens - since I've only been smoking for close to 40 years - I guess I'm due sometime -




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When I first started smoking, a guy at the B&M said he thought the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion Consul would be a good newbie smoke.

Not so much. ;)


Anejo shark, soon after getting into cigars seriously. I just couldn't stop smoking it despite every indication things were going south rapidly. Also, it's likely pairing it with six or so beers didn't help...


Anejo shark...gifted to me by my son. Hot day over the summer...was dehydrated and with an empty stomach. Couldn't finish the thing, and had to look (to my son) that it was one of the best smoking experiences I've ever had! :r


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This is probably gonna be funny, but a Dona Flor Robusto. Too cold outside and despite (or because) it's a tasty smoke, I was smoking it too fast. Deceptively strong for such a smooth smoke.
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Some years ago, I (God knows why) picked up a Topper Old Fashioned Perfecto in oscuro. Bloody strong cigar had me green after about 1/4 of it and I threw the rest of it into the back of my pickup. Oy!

The next one was an Opus X Robusto ... cold sweats, a little dizzy and wondering if somebody had slipped a little ganja in there.


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LFD Oscuro Especial. To my defense I should have known better than to smoke this thing on an empty stomach.


I can usually handle the Vitamin N pretty well, the JdN Antono's and LFD Chisels can get me a little buzzed if I haven't eatin anything in a while but that is a rarity however, I smoked an Edge Maduro Torp from the original blend one night and it had me on the couch. Now the weird thing is is that I had smoked this cigar numerous times before, it was one of my go to's and nothing ever happened but this one laid me out, it's the only time I've ever felt that way and it wasn't good.