Flor de Olivia Maduro


CS Cog
I usually smoke the naturals because I buy them by the bundle. (Only $25 on smokeall). I've wondered many people prefer the Maduros and why they were more expensive, so I picked one up for $2. I must say I prefer the natural as an everyday smoke over the Maduro.

This one was smooth, but very bland. I picked up a little spice towards the end but overall, this wasn't all that I expected. I mean, you can't expect too much for a cheaper cigar but many smoke these since you get a good smoke for the money. I'd say this one was more mild than its natural wrapper counterpart. Construction good, light/burn good.


Lowland Gorilla
Thanks for the heads up. I recently tried one of the naturals, and thought it had a good taste to it. I was thinking about buying a bundle of the maduro's, but might wait until I try one of those first.