Fly The REALLY Friendly Skies!


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On Smintair, the penalties for not smoking can only be imagined. Consider this letter from Alexander W. Schoppmann, addressed to "Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Guests" and published on the airline's website ( Herr Schoppmann laments the decline of standards since the introduction of three-class international travel: "The descent of service accelerated dramatically," he writes, with interesting use of metaphor. "With this separation, the airlines created the room necessary to imply those changes and stop all kinds of services. Even my dearly loved Cocktail Frankfurters, not to mention the cigars, went literally through the window."


Chestbeating Pack Leader
There seem to be a few of these smoker-friendly airline stories around at the min-if you like the idea search the forums as there has been another one mentioned here before (with proposed flights between the Far East and Europe i think).