Getting married need smokes..... Badly


Weddings are all about presentation. Check out

If you wanna do inexpensive, but still nice, go for the Curly Heads, like many have said, or the Brevas Royale. If you wanna drop a little more dough, and take a step up, Chateaus and Flor Finas are great.

The best thing about Tampa Sweethearts is that they do custom cellophane imprinting, which is perfect for something like a wedding. If you got the extra funds to kick around I would just go for three or so boxes of the Flor Finas and call up about some custom cellophane. The Flor Fina is an easy smoking cigar that anyone can enjoy, even first time smokers.

As an aside, I had a box of the Flor Finas with the Its a Girl cellophane ready and resting in the humi for when my brother's first child was born about a month ago. My brother broke out the smokes during a BBQ and passed the whole box out to family and friends and we all light up and had a herf to celebrate the arrival of his daughter. What I'm getting at, is that with myself included, there may have been two or three regular or experienced cigar smokers present. I was a little concerned about wasted smokes as I put a good bit of money into the box. But poking around my stinky after the smoking was done, there was maybe three or four smokes that weren't smoked down close to the band. A few guys who were smoking their first cigars even hung with me to the end and nubbed their cigars.

I would go for the Flor Finas, the box presentation is amazing, and they're terrific smokes that most first time smokers will respond well too. The Curly Heads are good for the money, particularly if you're on a tight cigar budget for the event. Definitely inquire about the custom cellophane though, it'll add an extra personal touch when you're handing them out.

EDIT: Geeze, sorry for the long-windedness of my post.


Gorila Cabrón
La Aurora Robustos.

About $2-3 a pop and a wonderfully consistent cigar, made the same way for over 30 years.

Go with a classic! :ss


Lowland Gorilla
Oliva Serie G. Good flavor without being overpowering, not hard on the wallet.

Ding ding ding. :tpd: Great cigar, great price, nice cigar that I would not be ashamed in handing to ANYBODY and mild enough for a newer smoker. This would definitely be my choice.

Well, I'd be having the JdN Antano myself though, no barf bag needed. :chk

Gone Dave

:tu Oliva Special G!! good smoke, unusual shape to impress the not traditional smokers .. and $3.00 when you score a box per stick or better..:ss


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I'd go with Padron Londres if you want something decent. They can be had for $55 for a box of 26. If you want to go really cheap and still get something that's a decent smoke, I highly reccomend Flor de Oliva. A bundle of 25 toros is under $35.


reach out n touch 'em
you only get married 2.5 times splurge on the first time... padron 2000 to the guys who smoke and AF curly heady to the people who dont...

I was best man at my friends wedding and I brought some cigars for the bachelor party. 8 total smoking. 3 of them actually had smoked a cigar before and were able to enjoy it, everybody else smoked it like it was a black and mild, and had no clue. So I'd go that route, if you've got 2 or 3 get somethings solid 4-5 bucks 5 vegas, etc. If you've got the rest that are clueless... curleyheads.


Young Chimp
Lol Thanks for all the links. I'm pretty sure she knew she wasn't marrying rich but lol I probably won't have any money at all. :ss